Smart Thermostat Radiator Valve Avatto TRV07 WiFi TUYA

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Smart Thermostat Radiator Valve Avatto TRV07 WiFi TUYA

Intelligent thermostatic valve Avatto TRV07 WiFi TUYA

The Avatto TRV07 thermostatic valve is a practical device that will allow you to conveniently manage the heating in your home. The Tuya Smart app allows you to control the device remotely, as well as create operating schedules. There are a number of helpful functions at your disposal, such as open window detection and automatic descaling. The valve has a built-in Wi-Fi module that operates in the 2.4G band, so you can connect to it directly and manage it freely from almost anywhere in the world. It features an LCD display that makes it easy to access the most important information, and you'll find many types of adapters included, so you won't have any trouble installing the device.

Open window detection

Reduce heating costs. The unit has an open window function that activates immediately when it detects a cold wind and a temperature drop of more than 1.5°C in 4.5 minutes. The thermostat will automatically set the temperature to 12°C, and the display will show "OP". Now you can forget about high heating bills!

Automatic decalcification

Have confidence that your heater is fully operational. The TRV07 has an automatic descaling function. What this means. The thermostat performs routine descaling every Monday at 12:00 to prevent the formation of a large amount of scale. During the entire process, the display will show "CAL".

Additional capabilities

The valve automatically remembers the last settings, which is a very useful feature, especially in the event of a power outage. It also has a special child safety feature that prevents you from changing the temperature. You can also synchronize thermostats in different rooms by creating special groups.

All the information at your fingertips

Want to gain convenient access to all information? Download the free TUYA Smart app to your smartphone or tablet! With its help you can easily manage your radiator thermostat valve from anywhere. However, that's not all! The device has a built-in module that works in the 2.4G band, so you can connect to it directly. TVR07 also works with voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. - All you need is a simple voice command to adjust the temperature in a room to suit your needs. In addition, using the app, you can share the device with other family members to create a smart home together.

Create work schedules

Match the temperature in your bedroom or living room to your schedule. Using the app, you can set a weekly schedule for the Avatto TVR07 valve unit. So you can conveniently choose what temperature you want it to be at night or in the morning. What's more, you can also connect the valve to other smart devices in your home to create smart scenarios, such as leaving the house or sleeping.

Easy installation

Mounting the device will not cause you any problem. Its installation is extremely simple and fast, and thanks to the included adapters, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. To power it, you will only need 3 AA batteries (not included). In addition, the valve is equipped with a clear LCD display, from which you will learn, among other things, the state of charge of the device.


  • smart thermostatic valve

  • Danfoss RA adapter

  • Danfoss RAV adapter

  • Danfoss RAVL adapter

  • M28 adapter

  • Caleffi adapter

  • Giacomini adapter

  • instruction manual





Powered by
3x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (not included)

Wireless connectivity
WiFi 2.4G IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Standby current
6 μA Min

Degree of protection

Ambient temperature

M30 x 1.5mm

58.4mm x 97mm x 58.4mm

145 g

Tuya Smart / Smart Life

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