Karl Lagerfeld KLHCPXTRKSRG iPhone X|Xs

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Karl Lagerfeld KLHCPXTRKSRG iPhone X|Xs różowo-złoty|rose gold Glitter Signature

An exclusive collection of protective cases, developed by Karl Lagerfeld, a world-renowned fashion designer. The case is made of high-quality, durable, abrasion-resistant plastic. A combination of strong and hard polycarbonate (backs) and flexible TPU silicone (sides). It is distinguished by Karl's signature, emphasized by liquid glitter particles shimmering in the light, which change their arrangement under the influence of changing the angle of inclination. Collection: Glitter Signature Type: Hardcase Material: TPU / PC Color: Rose Gold Compatibility: iPhone X / Xs Product manufactured under license from Karl Lagerfeld

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Производитель Karl Lagerfeld
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