Joyroom wireless Charger 15W with Handle Black (JR-ZS240)

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Joyroom wireless Charger 15W with Handle Black (JR-ZS240)

Joyroom 15W Qi Wireless Charger with Handle Black (JR-ZS240)

Car holder with built-in Qi wireless charger. The accessory was created for mounting on the dashboard of your car and designed in such a way as to guarantee full safety of the equipment placed on it. The gadget is very easy to use. Just put the phone on it and clench your jaws. In addition, special triangular design provides stability while driving, large adjustment possibilities allow you to fit the device to your needs, and thanks to rubber elements the holder will not scratch the cockpit.

The whole thing is made of high quality materials (ABS + PC) and designed for mobile devices with screen size 4,5" - 6,8".


  • Voltage (input): 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

  • Voltage (output): 15W (max)

  • Material: PC + ABS

  • Installation: dashboard

  • Compatibility: devices with screen size 4,7" - 6,7"

One-hand operation

The holder does not require tedious adjustment of the accessory to the size of the phone. Just put your device on it and clench your jaws. It couldn't be easier!

No scratches, no visibility problems

The holder is fixed to the dashboard, so it does not limit visibility in any way. In addition, it has rubber overlays on the jaws to ensure solid mounting without scratching your equipment.

Instant charging on the go

Thanks to the built-in 15W Qi charger you can instantly charge your equipment while on the road. All without unnecessary cables and without having to give up the use of your device. We recommend connecting to a fast-charging car charger.

Stability and safety

Triangular clamp design guarantees stability and safety of the phone even on the most uneven roads.

Large adjustment possibilities

360 degree rotation allows you to easily adjust the accessory to your needs and set the optimal viewing angle.

Built-in charging protection

Against overcharging, over-discharge, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, electromagnetic field. Complete protection for both the holder and the phone.

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