Dudao L6E cable USB Type C - Lightning PD 20W blue

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Dudao L6E cable USB Type C - Lightning PD 20W blue (L6E)

Dudao L6E cable USB Type C - Lightning PD 20W blue (L6E)

The Dudao L6E cable will match its power to your device . It will provide effective power to a smartphone , tablet or wireless headphones - it can charge with a power of up to 20 W. It has built-in USB Type C - Lightning ports , which makes it compatible, among others. with iPhones . It supports the Power Delivery standard and therefore guarantees fast and safe charging .


  • Brand: Dudao
  • Model: L6E
  • Ports: USB Type C - Lightning
  • Power: up to 20W
  • Fast Charge Protocols: Power Delivery
  • Length: 1 m
  • White color

The most important advantages of the Dudao L6E cable:

  • You can charge your smartphone, TWS headphones or tablet with it . The cable supplies with power up to 20 W
  • It allows you to efficiently charge your device . Supports the Power Delivery fast charging protocol (check the specification of your device to see if it supports Power Delivery)
  • It will not break and will not bend . The cable has been reinforced and has a flexible plug connection to prevent it from breaking.

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