Ugreen mask cable organizer 1,5m black (30818)

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Ugreen mask cable organizer 1,5m black (30818)

Flexible cable cover , designed to organize cables connected to various types of equipment, computers, TV sets, Hi-Fi systems or others, which are located in the office, home, shop or workshop.

The cable organizer greatly simplifies organizing cables located under a desk or TV stand, for example. Cables are hidden in a plastic cover, so they take up less space.

The use of the mask is very simple and allows you to easily connect many cables into a single bundle, which improves the aesthetics of the workplace or desk in the room.

In addition to convenient cable laying, the cover also protects them against mechanical damage, which may occur, for example, by running an office chair over the cable.


  • Diameter: 20mm - 78.5mm
  • 1.5 m long (can be cut to length)
  • Easy-to-use way of placing the cable in the cover

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