Ugreen Extension Audio Cable Microphone Cable Microphone

Код товара: AV130
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Ugreen Extension Audio Cable Microphone Cable Microphone XLR (Female) - XLR (Male) 5m (AV130)

Ugreen extension cable XLR (female) - XLR (male) 5m (AV130)

This cable is used to connect a musical instrument or microphone to e.g. speakers, amplifier, mixing table, patchbay and other equipment equipped with an XLR connector.It not only increases the range and allows you to move freely, but also protects the XLR connector on your device against damage due to continuous movement.

Exceptional sound quality

Thanks to triple shielded oxygen-free copper conductors, the Ugreen XLR cable provides a noise-free and clear sound.

Premium material

The outer PVC cable jacket is flexible to allow it to slide easily around the stage without worrying about cracking and damage. Metal XLR connectors stick permanently in the device and do not fall out.

It is characterized by great durability, thanks to which it provides the highest quality sound. It is compatible with many devices, giving you plenty of opportunities for creative music creation.

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