Magnetic Pro-L Panels 110 pieces GEOMAG GEO-024

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Magnetic Pro-L Panels 110 pieces GEOMAG GEO-024

Magnetic Pro-L Panels 110 pieces GEOMAG GEO-024 bricks.

The Geomag Pro-L Panels set is designed to inspire creativity and engineering thinking among young minds over 8 years old. It consists of as many as 110 elements and allows building complex 3D structures. In doing so, it harnesses the power of magnetic attraction and facilitates an understanding of the principle of polarity, which allows them to better understand the basics of physics.

More power, more possibilities

Geomag Pro-L's unique magnetic sticks are distinguished by their high attracting power and allow the youngest to better understand the work of polarity. Thanks to this, the set not only enables the creation of stronger and more stable structures, but also has an educational dimension. As a result, young engineers can experiment with different designs while exploring the basics of geometry and physics.

Reinforcing STEM education

The Pro-L Panels set is not just about having fun, but also about learning new skills. It supports education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields by encouraging exploration and understanding of the principles of magnetism and spatial structures.

Physics in action

Constructing models with the Geomag Pro-L set is like a hands-on physics lesson, where each magnetic stick, metal ball or panel becomes a demonstration of the forces of attraction and repulsion. In this way, children not only learn by doing, but also see the results of their work in a clear and understandable way.

  • 36x magnetic stick
  • 30x metal ball
  • 20x triangular panel
  • 18x square panel
  • 6x pentagonal panel

ManufacturerGeomagNamePro-L PanelsModelGEO-024Age of childFrom 8 yearsNumber of elements in the set110

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