Coding Critters Ranger & Zip Learning Resources LER LER

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Coding Critters Ranger & Zip Learning Resources LER LER 3080

Coding Learning Robot Set Ranger & Zip Learning Resources LER 3080 (puppy)

Ranger and Zip are fun puppies that will introduce your child to the world of screen-free programming. The set teaches the youngest users critical thinking and independent problem-solving skills. Moreover, it helps to acquire the basics of STEM, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Additionally, the included book describes the adventures of Ranger and Zip, which facilitate learning programming.

Programming Learning for the Youngest

Children can create their own sequences using 10 dog paw stamps. Additionally, 3 cardboard decorations allow for creating a unique scenery for play. Moreover, with a ball, a house, and a slide, the child's room turns into a mini playground. The ability to create sequences of up to 30 steps allows for developing imagination and creativity. One step moves Ranger about 10 cm.

Play and Learning Combined

Thanks to the buttons on the toy, children can program Ranger to perform simple commands and become a unique companion. Simply press his nose gently to activate Play Mode. As a result, you can feed him, pet him, or even put him to sleep. Ranger can also dance and sing funny songs!

ManufacturerLearning ResourcesSuitable forchildren 4+Power Supply3 AAA batteries (not included)

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