Super Sorting Pie Learning Resources LER 6216

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Super Sorting Pie Learning Resources LER 6216

Learning Resources LER 6216 Sorting Pie Toy

This toy helps develop early mathematical skills and practices shape and fruit categorization. The package also includes cards that will serve as prompts for the child and tweezers to support motor development. The toy combines education with entertainment perfectly - the child learns and grows while playing and discovering mathematical operations and shape recognition. The product is intended for children aged 3 and up.

Combine Learning with Fun

The cards included in the set allow sorting fruits according to different criteria. As a result, the child learns to recognize fruits, their colors, and quantity. The parent can ask the child to point out a specific fruit or arrange the appropriate number of pieces on the pie. Other exercises may involve identifying the mismatched figurine among those placed in the same compartment, or matching fruits with the color, drawing on the card. The parent/teacher can also ask the child to count the designated number of figurines. There are many possibilities, allowing tasks to be adjusted to the child's level and interests.

Motor Development Support

The tweezers, which are part of the set, help develop motor skills in children. Children can use tweezers to transfer fruits from one place to another, which improves their precision and motor coordination. These are important skills that matter in everyday life.

Included in the Set

  • 60 fruit figurines (in 5 colors)

  • pie with lid and compartments

  • double-sided sorting cards x3

  • tweezers x2

Learning Resources

LER 6216

Suitable for
children 3+

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