BrainBolt Learning Resources EI-8435

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BrainBolt Learning Resources EI-8435

BrainBolt Learning Resources Memory Game EI-8435

BrainBolt is a memory game designed for anyone aged 7 and older. With Learning Resources, adults can also put their skills to the test! The objective of the game is to track and remember the sequences of lights displayed on the device and repeat them without making a mistake. The game is suitable for up to 2 players. The kit includes 3 AAA batteries, allowing for immediate gameplay.

Interactive Fun

Learning Resources offers a dynamic game that challenges memory skills. BrainBolt requires tracking sequences of lights and remembering them, with each level presenting a greater challenge. This activity helps improve visual memory and, at the same time, shows children that they can have a great time away from the computer screen.

A Game for the Whole Family

With the age range for game participants spanning from 7 to 107 years, every family member can test their memory. The game is perfect for travel. Choose healthy entertainment that stimulates the mind and allows for quality time spent with loved ones. The fun has never been so captivating and educational at the same time!

Included in the Set:

  • BrainBolt Memory Game

  • User Manual

Learning Resources


Intended for
Individuals aged 7 to 107 years

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