Mini Muffin Match Up Math Activity Set Learning

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Mini Muffin Match Up Math Activity Set Learning Resources LER 5556

Mini Muffin Learning Resources LER 5556 math set.

Encourage your child to learn counting, distinguishing colors, matching pieces, sorting and more! Mini Muffin Match Up is a versatile educational toy that encourages the development of a variety of skills while providing lots of fun. The set includes a special tray, 60 small muffins in 6 colors, 12 double-sided sorting inserts, tweezers and 2 foam cubes. With this you can organize various games and activities! The toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and older.

Distinguish colors

In the set you will find small muffins in 6 colors, which you can use to teach your child to distinguish colors. What games are suggested? For example, place color-coded sorting inserts in selected compartments in the tray, and then ask your child to match the corresponding muffins to the markings. Alternatively, you can choose one muffin and suggest that the child find another that matches it. Another fun idea is to place several of the same muffin and one of a different color in a compartment in the tray - the child's task will be to point out which item does not match the others.

Learning to count

The Mini Muffin Match Up set also makes it easy to learn counting. For example, you can throw dice with numbers and with colors, and then, based on what falls out, tell your child to give you the right number of muffins in a certain color. It's also a good idea to make up short stories, for example, "I have 2 yellow muffins, and mom gave me 2 green ones" - the child's task will be to count how many muffins together. What else is worth playing? Place all the muffins on a tray and throw a dice with numbers - depending on what number falls out, ask the child to take out the corresponding number of items with tweezers. This way you will not only practice counting, but also work on manual skills!

Fun for 2 players

Mini Muffin Match Up also creates room for organizing games for 2 players. Place the muffins in all the compartments in the tray - one child will have the top row and the other will have the bottom row. Then the players take turns throwing the dice with numbers and, depending on what number falls out, take out the appropriate number of pieces. They can use tweezers to do this. The player who empties his compartments first wins!

  • Sorting tray
  • 60 muffins (10 each in 6 colors)
  • Foam cube with numbers
  • Foam cube with colors
  • Tweezers
  • 12 double-sided sorting inserts

ManufacturerLearning ResourcesNameMini Muffin Match UpModelLER5556Child's age3+

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