Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes Learning Resources LER

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Fraction Tower Equivalency Cubes Learning Resources LER 2509

Mathematical Fraction Blocks Learning Resources LER 2509

The educational set by Learning Resources helps children from the age of 6 understand fractions and their equivalence. Colorful blocks represent different fractional values, and by combining them, students can create simple mathematical models.

A Proven Way to Learn

The set includes 51 blocks, each marked with various mathematical values, including percentages, equivalent decimal values, and fractions. Their colorful construction aids visualization and helps grasp the concept of fractions. The ability to build simple mathematical models makes it easier for students to experiment and discover relationships between fractions.

For Children Aged 6 and Up

Colorful blocks help develop mathematical skills at an early stage of education, which can contribute to a better understanding of mathematics in the future. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for children who are 6 years old and older. Each element of the set is durable and can be used repeatedly without concerns about damage.

Included in the Set:

  • Blocks x51

Learning Resources

LER 2509

Intended for
Children aged 6 and older

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