Pyxel Coding Pet Learning Resources EI-1130

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Pyxel Coding Pet Learning Resources EI-1130

Learning Resources' Pyxel coding robot EI-1130.

Learning Resources' Pyxel interactive dog is an innovative educational toy that makes it easy for kids to start their programming adventure with the help of an intuitive Blockly or Python interface. Visual code blocks allow for quick understanding of basic programming constructs. The robot teaches logical thinking, encouraging the youngest to educate themselves through play. In addition, the interface in English allows both children and parents to practice a foreign language. The toy is designed for children ages 8 and up.

Developing advanced skills

With its intuitive programming language, Blockly Pyxel offers a simple way to understand coding logic by dragging and dropping blocks of code. Children can develop their skills, prepare for real programming, and develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. More dedicated users have the option of using Python.

Wireless creativity

Pyxel is equipped with secure, password-protected Wi-Fi, allowing wireless programming and updates. This feature allows children to interact with the robot in a modern and secure way without the need for cables.

Interaction and control

Using the included Code Activator remote control, children can control Pyxel and issue up to 6 commands from a distance. The ability to immediately translate code into action develops the ability to anticipate and analyze the consequences of their actions.

Programming with colors

The Pyxel robot is equipped with LEDs that children can program to change colors depending on the actions performed. Programming color changes and light sequences develops an understanding of the basics of electronics.

Sensors and reactions

The Pyxel interactive dog is equipped with sound, touch and proximity sensors for interactive play. The robot responds to noises, touch and changes in its environment, teaching children the basics of automation and reactive programming and providing a practical introduction to the world of automation and artificial intelligence.

Emotions and self-expression

Pyxel can express emotions through programmable facial expressions, allowing children to explore the emotional side of technology, as well as teach empathy and understanding of non-verbal signals. Stroking the robot causes it to show joy, further supporting the development of social skills.

Sound and communication

The toy has a built-in speaker that allows the user to program sounds or words, which introduces an acoustic element to the interaction with Pyxel. Children learn how sound can be part of the machine's programming and communication with the user.

Motion and response

Children can program Pyxel's movements, including tail wagging, which allows for a physical representation of the code in action. This hands-on experience with motion coding is not only fun, but also develops an understanding of cause and effect.


  • Pyxel coding learning robot with integrated Wi-Fi

  • Code Activator remote control

  • Micro USB cable

  • Guide

Learning Resources


Designed for
children from 8 years old

19 cm

22 cm

Power supply for the Code Activator remote control
2 AAA batteries (not included)

Built-in Wi-Fi (password protected)

Programming languages
Blockly and Python

User interface
Accessible via tablet or computer

Interface language

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