GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope Learning Resources

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GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope Learning Resources EI-5112

GeoSafari Learning Resources Microscope EI-5112

Let your child discover the fascinating world of science with the GeoSafari Jr. microscope. The product is designed for young explorers ages 3 and up. Through the use of the microscope, children develop skills in observation, concentration and precision instrument work. It's a great way to foster curiosity and encourage independent exploration and learning. The microscope also allows them to gain scientific knowledge and improve fine motor skills.

Tailored to the youngest

One of the unique features of this microscope is the two large eyepieces that allow the child to observe the samples freely, eliminating the need to close one eye. This makes viewing through the microscope even more comfortable and accessible for the youngest researchers.

Focus adjustment

The focus adjustment function allows you to easily adjust the microscope's focus, making objects present in the right position and perfectly balanced both left and right. This allows your child to focus on their research without worrying about image sharpness.

Built-in illumination

The Learning Resources GeoSafari Jr. microscope is equipped with LED lighting, which perfectly illuminates objects and allows even better observation of fine details. It's the perfect tool for zooming in on the amazing microworld that is invisible to the naked eye.

ManufacturerLearning ResourcesModelEI-5112Suitable forchildren 3+Power supplyAAA battery x3 (not included)Dimensions18 × 21 cm

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