Original Pouch KARL LAGERFELD hardcase Iconic

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Original Pouch KARL LAGERFELD hardcase Iconic Karl&Choupette Magsafe KLHMP12MHNKCIT for Iphone 12|12 Pro Transparent

A unique collection of accessories for mobile devices designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.  A fashion icon and world-famous designer, artist and photographer, artistic director of the Chanel fashion house.  His works are known and appreciated all over the world, and the image identified with the highest class, finesse and luxury.  Combining all the attributes of an indisputable star in their field, original and exclusive accessories that not only care about security, but above all about the appearance of mobile devices. A unique example of the style and quality of Karl Lagerfeld is the phone case series he has signed. Referring to the Lagerfeld cat Choupette case is distinguished by an interesting, humorous manual graphics that contain the name of the creator himself. The construction is made of TPU, which gives a pleasant texture and affects the perfect presentation of the graphics. To give an amazing effect, the design includes substances with lots of free floating glitter that flows around the entire front case with the least movement sparkling and shiny. Wearing this case Your phone will be at the heart of fashion creations.


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