Oppo A77 - 3mk FlexibleGlass™ screen protector

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Oppo A77 - 3mk FlexibleGlass™ screen protector

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There is only one real Flex. A new, better formula.

Extremely thin – nearly invisible screen protection Effective protection – reinforces the screen by 250% and is resistant to scratching Anti-bacterial coating – takes care of your and your phone’s safety

Invisible protection

We know that a smartphone’s original appearance is important. That is why we created glass that not only provides perfect protection for the screen, but is also nearly invisible. Less than half a millimetre is the thickness that is difficult to see and feel under your finger. Thanks to this, you have a feeling that your finger slides on smooth glass. Do you need solid protection in a discrete form? Choose FlexibleGlass!

Strong protection as never before

Screen strengthening by 250% makes the difference. With our Flex, falls from height to a hard surface will become harmless for your phone’s screen. The hybrid absorbs the impact energy and effectively protects the display from cracking. Hence, with FlexibleGlass, you can use your phone with no stress even when climbing rocks.

A perfectly smooth screen

FlexibleGlass is highly resistant to scratches thanks to the additional ceramic layer which ensures 7H glass hardness. Thanks to our hybrid, you can be sure that your phone’s screen will be as new even after long use. You can carry the smartphone in your pocket or purse along with your keys and our glass will make sure that no scratch will appear on the display.

Tailored to size

Choose the Flex dedicated to your phone model. You can then be sure that the glass will protect each centimetre of the display without covering the camera’s lens. Moreover, our hybrid glass can be quickly and perfectly affixed to the screen by using the convenient Fit-In positioning stickers. Bet on full display potential and problem-free fitting. Choose FlexibleGlass!

Taking care of your safety

FlexibleGlass will not only protect your smartphone’s screen, but will also take care of your safety. Flex’s special anti-bacteria coating ensures protection against viruses and bacteria. We are touching the smartphone’s screen several dozen times a day. It is therefore worth to think not only about the safety of our device, but also about our own safety. Apply our reliable hybrid on your screen and forget about any lurking dangers when using a smartphone!

Immediate reaction to touch

Nothing irritates more than a non-responsive screen. We made sure that FlexibleGlass reacts perfectly to a finger’s touch. Ff you like to play games on your phone, choose our hybrid We guarantee it won’t disappoint you. Touch and action. Moreover, thanks to its oleophobic coating, the display is protected against soiling. Affix the Flex and enjoy a highly responsive and clean screen!

SpecificationType of protectionantimicrobial hybrid glass (combination of film and glass)Used technologies:- silver nanoparticle-based antimicrobial coating- structure enriched in ceramic layers- laser type of manufacturing- Inviscid-Sil™ adehsiveThe kit includes:3mk FlexibleGlass™ - 1 pcs.- Fit-In™ positioning strips- Dust-Fix™ strips- Anti-Bubble Card™,- CleaningSet.

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