Dudao metal power bank with LED indicator 10000mAh

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Dudao metal power bank with LED indicator 10000mAh silver (K5Pro)

Dudao metal power bank with 10000mAh LED display silver (K5Pro)

  • Extremely capacious power bank with two USB ports that allow you to renew the energy of two devices at the same time. The perfect companion of mobile equipment during various trips, camps or other trips.
  • You have an abundance of ports - The gadget has been equipped with as many as 4 ports : 2 that are used to charge the power bank (micro USB and USB Type C) and two USB ports to renew the energy of your mobile devices.
  • Powerful capacity - As much as 10,000 mAh is enough energy to support many devices in need . Perfect for a camping trip or a music festival.
  • Durable and durable - The power bank housing is made of high quality aluminum alloy . You can go ahead and take it on any journey without fear that it will accidentally be damaged in transport .
  • Intelligent chip - The gadget has an intelligent management system that selects the appropriate voltage for a specific equipment . Your mobile devices will receive exactly as much electricity as they need, regaining the lost power with optimal speed and concern for their safety.
  • 9 levels of protection - Against overcharge, discharge, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, electromagnetic field. And on top of all this, over-power protection and recovery protection. Complete protection for both the accessory and the phone .
  • LED charge indicator - The built-in indicator shows in% the remaining amount of electricity stored in the power bank.


  • Brand: Dudao
  • Name: K5Pro
  • Material: aluminum
  • Battery type: Lithium Polymer
  • Ports: USB, USB Type-C, micro USB
  • Input Current:
    • micro USB: 5V / 2A
    • USB Type C: 5V / 2A
  • Output current:
    • USB: 5V / 2A

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