Joyroom car charger 2xPD + 2xQC3.0 75W 1,5m black

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Joyroom car charger 2xPD + 2xQC3.0 75W 1,5m black (JR-CL05)

Joyroom car charger 2xPD + 2xQC3.0 75W 1.5m black (JR-CL05)

A car charger that provides quick power supply to electronic devices is an accessory that is worth taking with you on every journey. This product will allow you to charge up to 5 devices at the same time, and additionally has been equipped with a 1.5 m extension cable, so that each passenger can conveniently connect their equipment to it. The charger provides a large output current, therefore the powering process is efficient and fast. A convenient clip allows you to mount the device, for example, behind the seat.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Car charger
  • Powered from the cigarette lighter socket
  • Number of ports: 5
  • Port type: USB
  • Material: PC and ABS
  • Input voltage: 12V - 24V
  • PD 3.0 output: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 2.25A
  • QC 3.0 output: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
  • QC 3.0 output: 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
  • PD 3.0 + QC 3.0 output: 5V / 4.8A
  • Cable length: 1.5 m

Set contains:

  • 1 x car charger

The most important features:

  • Simultaneous charging of up to 5 devices
  • High output current
  • Extension cord
  • Fireproof material
  • Compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones
  • Convenient clip for mounting the charger
  • Non-slip surface

Convenient charging of up to 5 devices

Thanks to this charger, which you can plug into the cigarette lighter socket, you can quickly power up to 5 electronic devices at the same time. It is a great convenience for any journey. High output current ensures fast energy transfer. Thanks to the clip, you can easily attach the charger anywhere, for example to the back of the seat. The lamp will let you know if the batteries of the devices being charged are full.

Long power cord

The charger is equipped with a 1.5-meter extension cord. As a result, each passenger gains convenient access to the charging sockets.

Made of high quality material

The use of high-quality ABS and PC ensures anti-slip properties. You can conveniently connect and disconnect the charger from the cigarette lighter socket even while driving. It is also safety during charging - the material is resistant to high temperature.

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