Joyroom Three Axis Qi wireless 15 W automatic car charger

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Joyroom Three Axis Qi wireless 15 W automatic car charger electric phone holder (air vent old model) black (JR-ZS219)

Joyroom Three Axis Qi wireless 15 W automatic car charger electric phone holder (air vent old model) (JR-ZS219)

The car holder with wireless charger Joyroom JR-ZS219 will be appreciated by any modern technology enthusiast. It is indispensable, especially when you are going to drive for a long time. The holder lets you stably and conveniently hold the mobile phone, while a built-in charging feature will take care of your battery and allow you to use such applications as navigation. Another advantage is lack of irritating cables as well as possibility of releasing the holder even when the motor is off.


  • Brand: Joyroom

  • Type: Car holder with wireless charger

  • Material: ABS+ fire-resisting PC

  • Input: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A

  • Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W

  • Size: 108,05x74,3x54,43mm

  • Input interface: USB Type C

  • Opening and closing method: Automatic inductive lock, button on both sides

  • Installation spot: Air vent/dashboard

  • Car charger requirements: QC3.0

  • Charging distance: ≤8MM

  • Intended use: Mobile phones with a size of 4,5-6,8 inches

Content of the set:

  • 1x holder with wireless charger

  • 1x cable with tip USB Type C

  • 1x mounting clip

  • 1x manual

Major features:

  • Modern look

  • Smartphone battery quick charging possible

  • Firm phone grip

  • Resistance to damage

  • Very easy use

  • Small size

Very quick charging

Wireless quick charging in Qi technology starts instantly after the device has been identified. You can quickly restore 70% of battery of the phone, which allows you to use applications and listen to music from the smartphone as you drive. To make sure it works, the holder needs to be constantly connected to a source of power supply.

Compatible with various devices

The holder is very practical and universal. It is suitable for diverse phone models. It will support smartphones from iPhone 12 and 11 series, Huawei Mate, Samsung S9, S8, S7, and Xiaomi.

Independent of engine motor

The device is equipped with a special built-in condenser. It means you can easily unlock it even when your car motor is off. This is a highly useful function.

Modern technology

When placed in the holder, the phone is detected automatically. At this moment charging starts instantly. The holder is also able to adapt the position of the phone vertically. After putting the device, side arms of the holder lock automatically and the lower base slides the phone – up/down. This is aimed at aligning induction coils in the phone and charger. What is more, if the smartphone battery is about to go flat, modern technology will improve efficiency of charging by boosting this procedure.

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