Remax Kimbay Transmiter FM Car Charger 2x USB 3A black

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Remax Kimbay Transmiter FM Car Charger 2x USB 3A black (RCC109 black)

Car charger Remax Kimbay series RCC109 black

Drivers know well that one charging port in the car 12 V/ 24 V, also referred to as cigarette lighter socket, is clearly insufficient. If you agree with this, Remax gadget is a perfect choice. It is suitable for any port 12V/24V and gives you two additional ports – USB type A and more. This solution will be of use also when you travel together with several passengers who want to charge their phones from time to time.


  • Brand: Remax

  • Type: Car charger

  • Bluetooth: Yes

  • Color: Black

  • Input voltage: 12V/ 24 V.

  • Power output: 5V/3,0 A.

  • Weight: 33 g

Content of the set:

  • 1 x Car charger

Major features:

  • FM transmitter function

  • Two USB Type A outputs

  • One-key answering

  • Connection to phone via Bluetooth

  • Protection against overheating, overcharging and overvoltage

Car charger with numerous functions

Remax car charger is a perfect gadget for any driver, also for you. When you plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, you gain two independent USB-A ports. This allows you to connect two different devices at a time – for example a mobile phone and navigation unit. As there are two ports, your passenger may feel free to charge his/her device too.

High security

Using the charger, you don’t have to worry about condition of connected devices. The charger is equipped with a series of protective units – starting from protection against overcharging, through protection against overheating, and ending up with protection against overvoltage.

Not only charging

Remax device is not only a handy car charger. You also gain a radio transmitter. After setting the same frequency in the device and radio, you can play music from your mobile phone through car loudspeakers. Another help is provided by the key which lets you answer phone calls with one click. It is a perfect solution for keeping talks while driving a car, with your hands on the wheel.

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