Dudao USB Car Charger with Built-in 3.4 A Lightning

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Dudao USB Car Charger with Built-in 3.4 A Lightning Cable Black (R5Pro L)

Dudao USB Car Charger with Built-in 3.4 A Lightning Cable Black (R5Pro T)

The Dudao car charger for the cigarette lighter connector is a basic gadget that is nowadays an indispensable equipment for every car. Drivers, and even more so professional ones, who spend a lot of time in the car must be able to charge the phone's battery no matter where they are at the moment. That is why it is so important to have a good quality charger in your car. This charger is the perfect choice as it has an outgoing operating current of 3.4 A. It allows you to charge phones and other electronic devices very efficiently. It has 1 USB port and a built-in 1m Lightning cable. You can use it to charge 2 devices at a time. One micro USB cable and the other connect to the USB port.

Safety also matters. Thanks to the built-in intelligent management system, the accessory will not only adjust the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment, but also to its level of charge (thus limiting the power consumption). In addition, it protects the equipment against overheating, overcharging or short circuits. The charger is small and light, but at the same time has a very compact structure.

Built-in Lightning cable

The charger is equipped with a built-in cable with a Lightning plug. If you have at least one device with this port, you don't need to bring your cable with you from home. It is always at hand, permanently attached to the charger.

Always charging at the optimal speed

The intelligent management system adjusts the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment and ... the level of its charge. When the smartphone is closer to a complete power recovery (above 80%), the charging speed slows down, protecting the device from overcharging and helping to save energy.


  • Brand: Dudado
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ports: USB
  • Built-in Lightning cable
  • Voltage (input): DC 12V - 24V
  • Voltage (output): 5V / 3.4A

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