Ugreen USB Car Charger Type C / USB 24W Power Delivery

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Ugreen USB Car Charger Type C / USB 24W Power Delivery Quick Charge gray (30780)

2-port car charger (USB type A+PD) Ugreen CD130

The access to the source of power while driving a car is important, no matter how far you are going. A GPS navigation unit, mobile phone, tablet or car camera require you to frequently connect them to the charger. For this reason you should avoid situations in which you or your passengers cannot get an access to the electric socket and your devices cannot be activated to check the route, for instance. A perfect solution is a charger powered from the cigarette lighter socket which supports quick charging protocols, is efficient and powerful. Choosing a 2-port charger by Ugreen, you gain access to two charging ports – USB type A and USB type C. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously charge two different devices.


  • Brand: Ugreen

  • Type: 2-port car charger

  • Number of charging ports: 2

  • Type of charging ports: USB type A, USB type C

  • Total output current: 5 V, 4,8 A, 24 W

  • Total input current: 12-24 V, 2,7 A

  • Power in port USB type A: 18 W

  • Power in port USB type C: 20 W

  • Power supply: Cigarette lighter socket

  • Housing material: Aluminum

  • Weight: 20,4 g

Content of the set:

  • 1 x Car charger

Major features:

  • Quick charging

  • Large power

  • Possible to connect two devices at a time

  • Protection against overheating

  • Easy installation

  • Aesthetic look

  • Solid aluminum housing

Comfort in any travel

The access to the car charger is important, regardless of the distance you cover. Thanks to this two-port device, you can easily charge two devices at a time. Its use is very easy – all you need to do is plug it in. You can do it with one hand, also while driving a car.

Charge two devices at a time

Two ports which you can connect your devices to give you considerable comfort, particularly if you do not travel on your own. At present almost everyone holds a few electronic units which require charging every now and then, so one port may turn out to be insufficient. This charger offers two ports – USB type A and USB type C – so you can plug in nearly any device available on the market.

Aesthetic look

You don’t have to worry that the interior of your vehicle will be unaesthetic if you add this charger. The product is small and indistinctive. When plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, it looks like a factory component of the car.

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