Dudao in-ear headphones headset with remote control and

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Dudao in-ear headphones headset with remote control and microphone 3.5 mm mini jack blue (X13S)

Dudao in-ear headphones headset with remote control and microphone 3.5 mm mini jack blue (X13S)

Do you love listening to music or just making phone calls comfortably without having to hold your phone in your hand? The basis in both cases are good quality headphones. The set that will definitely interest you are headphones from Dudao, made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing clear and deep sound.


  • Brand: Dudao
  • Type: Wired headphones
  • Headphone type: In-ear
  • Connection with the phone: Standard via cable
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20kHz

Set contains:

  • 1x Wired headphones

The most important features:

  • Elegant headphone design
  • Adjusting the fit with silicone overlays
  • Clean and deep sound

High quality

If you are looking for perfect-sounding headphones, the Dudao headset is exactly what you need. It is worth emphasizing, however, that clean sound and perfect sound are only some of the issues that should be taken into account in their case. The headphone cord has been secured with nylon, which allowed for high resistance. You are not in danger of the cable chafing or tangling.

Perfectly matched headphones

If you've ever had a problem with the proper adjustment of the headphones to your ears, so that they do not let the sound in from the outside or fall out with the slightest physical activity, the Dudao headphones will surprise you positively. The intrathecal equipment has been designed in such a way that it adheres perfectly to the inside of the ear. In addition, you have the option of adjusting the headphones with silicone covers.

High level of cable protection

The age-old problem of headphones on the cable is their constant tangling, as well as tearing around the plug. Dudao has designed his headphones in such a way that you do not have to worry about the fact that after some time the cable will break or tear in a critical place. At the plug, in the place where the remote control for the headphones is located, and at the headphones, special reinforcements are used to prevent tearing. In addition, the nylon-connected cable is not exposed to breaks or chafing.

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