Joyroom 3in1 magnetic USB - Lightning / USB Type C /

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Joyroom 3in1 magnetic USB - Lightning / USB Type C / micro USB charging cable 2,4A 1,2m black (S-1224X2 LCM black)

Joyroom 3in1 magnetic cable USB - Lightning / USB Type C / micro USB charging cable 2.4A 1.2m black (S-1224X2 LCM black)

The S-1224X2 is a modern and convenient alternative to classic cables. This model has three types of plugs - microUSB, Lightning and Type C, which are attached to the rest of the cable with magnets that attract each other with strong force. This guarantees stable loading and uninterrupted data transfer. Connect the plug to the smartphone and you will get connection to the cable after bringing two elements together. Quick, right?

The perfect match the first time A strong magnet connects the cable to the plug immediately. There is no need to perfectly aim, the connection is easy and hassle-free.

  • Length: 1.2m
  • Current: 2.4A
  • Simple operation, even with one hand
  • Instant match
  • Function: charging

Thick core means more efficient charging High-quality oxygen-free copper, which the cable core consists of, guarantees fast charging and stable current flow.

Reinforced with a nylon braid The nylon braid prevents the cable from tangling and protects it against mechanical damage.

Built-in diode Built-in LED indicates that the battery is charging. You can easily find it in the dark at night.

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