Ugreen wall mount smartphone stand for charging white

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Ugreen wall mount smartphone stand for charging white (30394)

Do you often use your smartphone and look for it all over your home every time? Make sure it has its place and you will find it in no time and you will not waste any time. The convenient wall mount not only provides quick access to the phone, but also protects the device from accidental falls or getting wet.


  • Material: PC + ABS

  • Back dimensions: 117 mm x 69 mm

  • Installation site: wall, flat vertical surfaces

  • Attention. Wait 24 hours before first use after assembling the handle.

Easy access to the device

The aesthetic holder attached to the wall ensures quick and convenient access to your smartphone whenever you need it. You can put it by the bed of the bedroom, in the kitchen, hall or bathroom, wherever you surf the Internet or chat. Thanks to this, you can watch the culinary program while cooking or diversify your daily hygiene with a video.

Convenient cable charging

The holder is also a great support while charging the phone. If the power socket is far away from cabinets and shelves, thanks to the handle you can easily connect the device even with a short cable. Soft silicone inserts will protect them from scratching.

Functional organizer

Are you wondering about the functionality of the handle? Certainly its capabilities will not disappoint you. In addition to the phone or smartphone, you can also use it as a practical organizer. You can hang a purse, keys, headphones or a charger cable on it, and put letters or other items in the compartment.

Easy to assemble

The phone holder is also very easy to install thanks to a special adhesive tape. You don't need to drill holes and punch holes in the walls. To fix it, it is enough to remove the protective paper and press the element to the surface.

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