Baseus USB Type C - USB Type C cable 100 W (20 V / 5 A)

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Baseus USB Type C - USB Type C cable 100 W (20 V / 5 A) 1 m Power Delivery with display screen power meter white (CATSK-B06)

Baseus USB Type C - USB Type C cable 100 W (20 V / 5 A) 1 m Power Delivery with display screen power meter

Baseus cable USB Type C is used for quick charging of a smartphone or other device supplied with USB Type C port. The item supports most widely available Quick Charge technologies, thanks to which it can quickly charge the entire battery. Another strong point is fast transmission of files – up to 480 Mbs. This is an item for demanding users.


  • Brand: Baseus

  • Type: Cable USB Type C to USB Type C 100W 1m

  • Cable length: 1 m

  • Intensity: 5 A

  • Power: 100 W

  • Finish: Aluminum, nylon, TPE

  • Charging time: 2 - 2,5 h

  • Compatible with: Devices with USB C port – mobile phones, tablets, laptops and consoles

Content of the set:

  • 1x Cable USB Type C Baseus, 1 m long, with power meter

Major features:

  • Perfect quality of manufacture, premium class

  • Smart chip which shows current charging power

  • Ideal durability and lack of tangled cables

  • Support to Quick Charge 3.0

  • Support to Huawei SuperCharge 5A and SuperCharge 40W

  • Support to Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge

  • Digital LCD display

  • Data transmission 480 Mbs

  • Tested for charging and data transmission

Durable cable finish

Cable 2xUSB Type C Baseus is equipped with solid plugs. Both tips are resistant to abrasion and oxidation. The entire cable is additionally secured against braided nylon. This procedure allows protecting the gadget against wear and considerably improves its flexibility.

High safety level

The cable guarantees high safety of the device charged. Thanks to the use of several quick charging formats, it automatically adapts to currently connected phone or other equipment with USB Type C port. The cable additionally secures against battery overcharging and assures stable current throughout the process, which prolongs battery life. The user can check speed of charging at the display in one of tips.

Not only for charging devices

Baseus cable is not only intended for quick and comfortable charging of the equipment in a safe way. With this cable, you can also transmit data between devices connected – e.g. phone or PC. File sending speed is as much as 480 Mbs.

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