Ugreen cable USB - USB Type C 480 Mbps 3 A 1.5 m cable

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Ugreen cable USB - USB Type C 480 Mbps 3 A 1.5 m cable black (US287 60117)

Ugreen cable USB - USB Type C 480 Mbps 3 A 1.5 m cable (US287)

Extremely durable, USB cable with a USB Type-C connector. A cable made of strong plastic, which, thanks to USB 2.0 and supporting the current of 3 A , ensures fast charging and data transfer.

It is equipped with an intelligent management chip that adjusts the voltage to the device in question. So we don't have to worry about the risk of overcharging or short circuits .

  • Brand: Ugreen
  • Plugs: USB 2.0 / USB Type C
  • Current: 3 A.
  • Length: 1.5 m
  • Functions: charging, data transfer
  • Compatibility: devices with a USB Type C port

Elite among cables

The cable boasts an elegant design, high-quality workmanship and remarkable durability.

Exceptional durability

The braided nylon cord is extremely durable and tangle-free.

Speed and stability

The USB 2.0 port and 3 A amperage guarantee lightning-fast charging and data transfer.

Caring for weaknesses

The most critical point of the cable - the connection of the plug and cable has been additionally reinforced.

Safety first and foremost

The intelligent management chip adjusts the voltage to the given equipment and thus protects it against overcharging or overvoltage.

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