Remax Sury Series adapter Lightning - mini jack 3.5mm

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Remax Sury Series adapter Lightning - mini jack 3.5mm 0.13m graphite (RL-LA13i)

Lightning adapter - 3.5mm mini jack, Remax Sury Series, 0.13m graphite adapter (RL-LA13ai) Headphones from one manufacturer and a smartphone with a completely different logo? You can easily combine these seemingly different devices and enjoy your favorite music, for example . The Lightning to 3.5mm mini jack adapter will allow you to increase the functionality of your gadgets without having to decide on solutions of only one brand. Specification:
  • Brand: Remax
  • Model: RL-LA13ai
  • Material: TPE + aluminum + woven fabric
  • Input: Lightning to 3.5mm mini jack
  • Cable length: 13 cm
  • Cable core: copper
  • Weight: 7 g
  • Color: Graphite
The most important advantages of the Lightning - mini jack Remax Sury Series adapter:
  • You increase the functionality of your accessories that work smoothly even in spite of different inputs
  • For lovers of the best sound quality provided by a pure copper cable core
  • Even longer service life , guaranteed by the presence of aluminum elements at the joint and a braided cover

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