Samsung Galaxy M33 5G - 3mk Matt Case black

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Samsung Galaxy M33 5G - 3mk Matt Case black

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Stylish - adorns your smartphone while providing effective protection

Tested - Absorber125™ class, PZH and RoHS certified

Resistant to dirt, scratches and discoloration

Designer protection

3mk Matt Case black is a unique black smartphone case that proves that top performance and a stylish finish can go hand in hand. The matte black case protects your device perfectly and turns it into a super fashionable, elegant accessory. The innovative material (TPU - thermoplastic polyurethane) is very flexible and pleasant to the touch, effectively absorbs impacts and maintains its original aesthetic for years. The structure allows convenient wireless charging. You can buy the Black Matt Case in a version that perfectly matches your smartphone model.

Quality and safety

In 3mk Matt Case, black design goes hand in hand with quality and safety. Its drop resistance has been confirmed in tests. The Absorber125™ rating means that a smartphone protected with 3mk Matt Case black has survived 26 drops from a height of 125cm - without any damage. That is higher than military grade protection When dropped, the case cushions the impact. Thanks to the raised edges, the camera is also protected. Matt Case's safety for health is confirmed by PZH certification, and for the environment by RoHS certification.

Increased durability

No more frequent, environmentally unfriendly purchases of new smartphone protectors! By choosing 3mk Matt Case black you can enjoy the impeccable aesthetics and hygienic cleanliness of the case for a really long time. The matte black case is made of a very durable and easy-care material, which is resistant to traces of use. You can quickly wash the case with soap and water, machine wash it together with your clothes, or even disinfect it with alcohol-based products - without worrying about any loss of colour or shape.

Set includes:-3mk Matt Case blackGuarantee24 months

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