Irrigator Noozles for Soocas W3 (ortodontal)

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Irrigator Noozles for Soocas W3 (ortodontal)

Replaceable nozzles SOOCAS W3 Orthodontic - ideal for braces


Users of the SOOCAS W3 irrigator are advised to replace the tips at least once every 6 months. It is worth remembering this - this way you can ensure effective and safe dental care. An interchangeable orthodontic nozzle is a perfect answer to the needs of people wearing braces. The nozzle not only deeply cleans teeth and hard to reach gaps between them from bacteria and food leftovers, but also helps to keep the braces clean - the fibres on the top of the nozzle allow to clean its brackets and arches. In the set you will find 2 SOOCAS W3 nozzles. One package is therefore sufficient for you to thoroughly brush your teeth and keep your braces clean even for a year.









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